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Support of Separate Studying of the Purposes in Training

Feature of adult pupils – that they samonapravleny also wish to make sense properties on their studying of the purposes. If I use the educational project concentrated by the pupil, having begun with the end in memory, using interested persons to write behavioural results, I am in good position to project training, which purposely plans to satisfy requirement of the adult pupil to have the property on its studying of the purposes. Here how I do it.
I use a template of the project of a lesson of Gejgna which begins with activity of reception of attention. Actions with a raising course of attention which I used, include provocative thought, a question, a cinema paper clip, an animation strip, or history which enters a theme as a problem which can be solved. Remember, adult payments of the pupil for, and sits through training if he thinks that it will help it to solve a problem in the life.
In the recent project and training of skills of representation to trainers I told three true, but increasing history hair about a trio of brines which I have found independently in when educational participants or 1) have thrown down a challenge to the maintenance, 2) have received angry and very vocal expectation of my separate help during activity or 3) utonchat’sya, have refused to make activity which mentioned division of work and informing bol’shey to group. I have stopped each history in resistance point, without speaking, as I addressed with each situation. Then I have asked group if they could concern. In addition to awakening of instant keen interest it has made division of several similar stories, and has promoted feeling of an accessory to collective among participants who were also trainers and have appeared in one or change of these same brines directly!
After introduction activity which has allowed participants to answer a problem, concerns problems, gives their opinion concerning a problem, or admits a problem, I have put behavioural result. In aforementioned training on the project and skills of representation the behavioural result should show understanding of adult features of the pupil concentrated by the adult of the educational project and effective skills of representation in your work as the trainer. Then we have considered the agenda to see, how we will make progresses to that result.
Then I have invited pupils to establish the own personal purpose of studying under a result umbrella. I have asked, considering result, what existing problem, a problem, or possibility which you have in the project or representation of training which you would like to solve? Pupils have written the personal purpose of studying on the sticky note, to read it loudly during introductions of group and have sent it under educational result. Not only that they had a possibility to concentrate and declare their studying of requirement, I had a possibility to hear that was important for them so that I could adapt the maintenance statement during the day.
To execute, we were turned back to studying of the purposes in the end of training with a problem of work and time to inform. To pupils of a distance of 20 minutes about the training end to think and plan for this purpose, as they will use the maintenance of day and resources to address to their problem, a problem or possibility. After silent reflexion and journaling, each participant has been invited to inform rather their advancements to their personal purpose of studying and that they have planned to make then.
Maintenance of time for adult pupils to establish the personal purposes of studying satisfies requirement which these pupils have for the property and a self-management in their studying. It also focuses their studying during the day loading of front centre area through which they will filter the information of day. They, more possibly, will remember that they find personally useful, and they, more possibly, will consider something personally useful if it have allowed time to write down in training as they plan to think and use the maintenance which you plan to put, in the form of a personal problem or a problem which they would like to solve.

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